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At HomeTown Plumbing Co, we specialize in providing top-tier and cost-effective septic tank services in areas such as Roswell, Buford, Sugar Hill, Cumming, Gainesville and beyond—on the very day you need them. Unlike our competitors, we not only pump, clean, and responsibly dispose of your wastewater complying with all state and federal regulations but we also believe in empowering our customers. We provide detailed insights into the system, tank, and treatment process because informed customers can significantly enhance the lifespan and functionality of their septic systems. Here’s what makes our services stand out in the area near you –

  • Precise identification and access to tank lids
  • Thorough inspection of mainline, midseam, inlet, outlet, baffle, and riser
  • Evaluation of septage levels and efficient wastewater removal
  • Comprehensive septic tank pumping
  • Removal of solids, backflushing, and meticulous tank cleaning

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For a complimentary estimate or to avail of our 24/7 emergency services, please contact us at 678-598-6528. or submit your details through our online form.

Tips for Minimizing Septic Tank Pumping Needs

  • Ensure only wastewater and toilet paper are flushed. Avoid flushing items like sanitary products, diapers, cigarette butts, and paper towels, as they can damage your septic system.
  • Avoid disposing of food scraps, coffee grounds, and grease into your system. These substances can disrupt the normal flow within the septic tank, leading to more frequent pumping and maintenance.
  • Address leaks promptly. A dripping faucet can increase the water load on your septic system unnecessarily.
  • Be cautious about using additives that claim to reduce pumping needs. These can often lead to more significant issues, such as solids entering and clogging the drainage field, which is costly to repair.
  • Regularly schedule septic tank clean-outs every five years with a reputable provider. Proudly locally owned, we serve numerous communities including Alpharetta, Atlanta, Johns Creek, Gainesville, and Cumming, offering swift, reliable, and economical septic tank services.

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